Blanket – Nguni – 180 x 140 cm

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Blanket – Nguni – 180 x 140 cm

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Our handmade products from Africa combine tradition and quality. Each piece brings authenticity and style to your home. Discover the beauty and craftsmanship of Africa with our fair trade unique pieces.

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High-quality materials

Fair trade

Cultural connection

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Experience African tradition and quality with our handmade unique pieces. Each piece offers authenticity and cultural depth. Support local artisans and bring African craftsmanship home.

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The XXL laundry basket “Khaliss” is great! It looks great with its colorful patterns and fits perfectly into my home. The basket is large and offers plenty of space for my laundry. The flat lid is practical and you can put things on it.

Lisa , 9 days ago

Product description
  • Design: Natural, Spotted
  • Color: Black, White, Brown
  • Soft, warm, perfect for outdoors and indoors
  • Machine washable, pet and child friendly
  • Weight: 300 g/m²
  • Scope of delivery: 1 x Nguni blanket (180 cm x 140 cm)
    (Due to manufacturing reasons, the size and shape may vary slightly)

The Nguni Skin litter is inspired by the traditional way of life of the Nguni tribe. These are AmaXhosa, AmaZulu and AmaSwazi, who brought the first ancestors of today's Nguni cattle to southern Africa during their migration from East Africa between 600 and 1400 AD. Since then, the Nguni tribe has played an important social, economic and spiritual role in these societies. The beauty and uniqueness of each cow hide has long been recorded in the poetry of the tribe. A cream-colored, gray-brown coat is called “sour milk,” while a brown or red nguni with large spots and a faint white border is called “the stones of the Ngoye forest.” One of the most famous stories surrounding these beautiful animals is that of King Shaka of the Zulus. The king bred special color patterns for the many regiments of his army. This way he could see who was in command in the battle. His personal elite guard could be identified by their pure white cowhides, which came from the royal Nguni herd.

Yaadu Maße der Körbe

Length approx. 180 cm, width approx. 140 cm

Yaadu Pflege der Körbe

Please wash gently. Do not bleach or iron. The blanket can be dry cleaned, but should not be tumble dried. We recommend air drying the blanket.

Yaadu Herkunft aus Afrika

The blankets are sustainably manufactured in South Africa using a traditional process. Fair pay for the producer is very important to us.

Yaadu aus Savannengras

100% super soft, hypoallergenic microfiber. No toxic dyes or chemicals are used at any time.

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Our products are more than just decoration - they are handcrafted masterpieces from Africa that combine tradition and innovation. Each item tells its own story and brings authenticity and style to your home. Immerse yourself in the world of African craftsmanship and discover what makes our products so special.

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Where do your products come from?


Our products are made by talented artisans in different regions of Africa. Each item is handmade with love and care and reflects the rich culture and tradition of its country of origin.

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Shipping typically takes between 1 and 2 business days depending on your location. We offer free shipping and returns on all orders.

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We attach great importance to quality. Each item is carefully inspected to ensure it meets our high standards. We work directly with the artisans to ensure only the best materials are used and each creation is durable and sturdy.

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Handcrafted masterpieces

Our products are made with love and care by talented artisans in Africa. Each piece is unique and carries the history and tradition of its country of origin. Experience the unique combination of art and functionality in each of our products.

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We attach great importance to authenticity and quality.
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