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Fonio Rezepte

Fonio chickpea curry

100g fonio200ml waterone onionone clove of garlic1 tsp chili powder3 tablespoons curry powderSaltWhite pepper200ml coconut [...]

Fonio lentil salad with apple

Ingredients: 100 g fonio250 ml water2 tablespoons soy sauce1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar1 tablespoon maple [...]

Fonio ginger pan

100g fonio200ml waterone onionone clove of garlicA piece of ginger (about 6cm)Half carrot3 tablespoons tomato [...]

Fonio falafel

RECIPE:– 200g cooked chickpeas– 30g tahini– 60ml water– 1 tsp garlic powder– Salt– 40g fonio [...]

Pears Cinnamon Fonio Porridge

Here’s how it’s done:1 pear peel, core, cut into slices and simmer together with 4 [...]

Vegan Fonio cinnamon croissants

For The Dough:170g spelt flour80g fonio flour1 pck. Dry yeastSalt2 tablespoons brown sugar1 tsp cinnamon100g [...]

Banana Coconut Fonio Porridge

Mega delicious and super healthy Preparation: Mash 2 bananas (about 200 g) (in TM 4 [...]

Italian fonio pan

This time we have oriented ourselves to the Italian cuisine. The recipe is enough for [...]